Communities and Charities

We are committed to supporting the local residents of the communities where we operate, particularly in their efforts to develop healthier and safer places to live. We believe in social investment and encourage our employees to become active members of their local communities. We encourage charitable fundraising and support charitable initiatives throughout the world, particularly through our own charitable organisation: the Ladbrokes in the Community Charitable Trust.

We provide opportunities for employment and wider support for the community through the payment of taxes and our contributions to sport in general and horseracing and greyhound racing in particular.

We are focused on getting money and support to areas where we believe the need is greatest. These include:


  • Medical research/treatment
  • Hospice services
  • Disabled support/treatment
  • Home support


  • Educational development
  • Research/support of services for those with learning difficulties
  • Specialist support in deprived areas
  • Sports facilities for the disabled
  • Sports regeneration projects


  • Support projects for the homeless and aged
  • Crime reduction programmes
  • Social activity projects for those at risk

In each of the key areas, opportunities are identified for two or three major grants to organisations that are particularly active. Smaller grants are also approved to ensure that activity continues to flourish at local levels.

For more information please download our recent Corporate Responsibility report